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First Nutrition is a Lahore based organization importer and marketeer of quality brands infant formula milk for the developing need of moms and offspring of Pakistan when breast milk is inaccessible or impracticable due to certain reasons.






Breast milk is the most nutritional nourishment an infant can receive but at times breast feeding is impracticable or inaccessible due to certain reasons. Therefore, to meet the requirements of these deprived off babies, infant formula is the best alternative substitute with all the nutritional requirements (not equivalent to breast milk) which the medicinal community considers satisfactory for infants and children.












We look at the world through the eyes of moms of small children, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Our aim is to ensure that caring is integral to everything we do. We never forget that what we do every day has the potential to transform lives around the world




contact us

295.H-3, Johar Town, Lahore.
+92 42 35313065
Chairman: Dr. Ali Abuzar +92 300 9493857
MD:   Ahmed Ejaz +92 324 4736921
CEO: Muhammad Aslam Nasir +92 321 6394304
National Sales Manager: Syed Aqeel Naqvi +92 332 9951214


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